June 21, 2013


{a shot of campus in late fall}

This weekend I am returning to my alma mater for the first time since I graduated (it's been a whole two months and I already miss it!).  Kurt still lives next to campus so I'm visiting him for the week!  He has hinted at a week full of surprises, dinners at some of my favorite restaurants, and time to relax together.  I'm so excited!  Have a great weekend.  Here are some fun links from around the web....

This made me a little nostalgic and a lot happy.

Some great (and cheap) breakfast ideas.

Videos like this give me a little more faith in humanity.

This bloody mary looks amazing.  I can't wait to try it.

Some of these ideas make me want to throw a party!

This project is so fun!

Don't these cocktails looks delicious?  I'm planning on trying the gin sparkler tonight!

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