June 12, 2013


^^homemade sushi! a birthday exception.^^

Healthy living is an important part of my life.  This is most prominent in the kitchen where, on a regular basis, I eat a whole foods plant based diet.  Put more simply, I rarely eat animal products or animals themselves.  My Wisconsin-born family gave up all things animal (including cheese!) over a year ago (beginning with this amazing documentary) and we are so happy with the results.  I feel better, have healthier skin, and am overall happier.  Contrary to what many believe, my diet does not consist of lettuce and cardboard.  In fact, I have more fun cooking on a whole foods plant based diet!  I get to use my creativity and scour the internet and cookbooks for fun new recipes and I even make up my own.

That being said, I eat this way for health reasons only, which means that I get to make exceptions when the time is right.  Having me over for dinner?  Make me a steak!  What did I order for Easter brunch at Lillie’s?  Eggs benedict with salmon! Balance is essential to a healthy life and everyone needs to indulge once and a while :)

^^juicing with fresh fruit and vegetables from the farmers market has become a new favorite^^

^^a cheese-less pizza picnic at Columbia last Spring when Kurt and I visited my brother Charlie in NYC^^

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