October 24, 2013


a couple of weeks over a month (i swear time is moving faster everyday) ago my mom and cody and i road tripped.  road trips are my favorite and the cali mountains were calling us.  it was a much needed weekend in nature.  cold (see: freezing) nights were accompanied by tea and chocolates (i was on vaca....) and the days were spent hiking, exploring some beautiful historical areas, admiring our family friend's stunning horses, and attending inspiring film festivals.  and cody was in dog heaven, i think he's mad at us for leaving.  big bear, you are wonderful.  maybe ill be back this winter....

October 6, 2013


I picked up a can of pumpkin puree at Trader Joe's the other day, not really sure what I was going to make with it.  This morning, it finally felt a little like fall so I decided to open the can of pumpkin goodness and experiment.  I scooped a little into my pancake mix and a little into my coffee.  It was the BEST pumpkiny morning.

and why has nobody told me about pumpkin pie spice before?  it's completely changing my fall and I love it.

October 2, 2013


                Filled with cupcakes, massages, wine, and yummy italian food, it was a birthday to remember. 

(and breakfast the next morning :) )