March 3, 2014


My mom and I were discussing an inspirational blogger Mark Sisson and how he revealed the best exercise there is.
His advice?  "The single best exercise there is, hands down, is the one you’ll do."

It is so true.  I don't like running and neither does my body.  Sure, every once and a while I'll have a great run and collapse in euphoria when I get home but for the most part I count down the seconds until it's over and it creates aches everywhere (my ankle, the arch of my foot, my knee....).  However, when I prepare for a bike ride or drive into the mountains for a hike, I am ecstatic - I can barely wait to get on the road or out of the car.  
Explore different exercises and find the one (or two or three...) that you look forward to doing - and do them.  Try that kickboxing class even if you think you'll hate it (I loved the one I attempted), go to a yoga class even if you can't touch your toes, venture to the Bar Method class or Zumba or may love it.  Exercise not only makes you feel amazing but it is so important for leading a healthy life.  Find a way to motivate yourself and do it.