January 26, 2014


I first read a book by Michael Pollan back in high school (The Botany of Desire) and have always been fascinated with his work.  I was so excited when one of my favorite blogs, A Cup of Jo, mentioned this short video in a post the other day.  I agree with so many of his ideas and truly believe that taking time to cook food yourself instead of letting a corporation do it for you is a key to a healthy diet and lifestyle.  His book Food Rules is a great one to keep around the house and pick up every once and a while.  One of my favorite takeaways from his 'rules' is to eat real food, which is increasingly hard to do these days.   These ideas are also closely related to a documentary I watched on Saturday called Food Fight.  It's all so inspiring!

January 23, 2014


i started 2014 on the beach (and with a cat on my head. i don't really like cats, but this one is cool).  january has been good to me.  more coming soon, i swear.

^^lazy first few days of 2014^^

^^a foggy goodbye.  hermosa beach, i miss you!^^

January 7, 2014


my first sunset in 2014.  hermosa beach, ca
i am finally settling back into a routine back in arizona and am (almost) done with my holiday traveling (k has one more birthday trip for me this weekend).  coming back after a cold (but wonderful) stay in the midwest made me realize how much this place has become home.  i love it here.  i am not one for new years resolutions as they often get forgotten and lost but i am a big believer in setting and working towards goals.  reachable, manageable, positive goals.  i like to set goals once or twice a year (usually at benchmarks - a birthday, a new semester, a big move) and then once a month or so i go back and reassess.  alter what needs to be altered, scrap a goal if there has been a big change, set new goals if needed, or come up with a new plan to achieve a goal.  so anyway, my birthday is less than a week after the new year so i like to use that as a time to set new goals and reassess.  i hope to write a little more about my goals in the upcoming weeks but one of them is to utilize this space more often as a place to share thoughts and as a creative outlet.  cheers to a new year!