June 20, 2013


{The beautiful, inspiring beaches of Ghana}
My favorite part about eating healthy is how it lifts my spirits and this Whole Living article only further affirmed my experiences.  I love this idea of an 'ojas' and I can't wait to try some of these tips for better nutrition to impact my mood.  Some other things I like to do to ensure a positive day and boost my ojas....
Do yoga (even just 5 minutes) the moment I get out of bed.  This stretches out my body and calms my mind so I can start my day on the right note both mentally and physically.
Eat a good breakfast.
Exercise!  Find a type of exercise you enjoy and get into a routine--this is another aspect that has a positive impact both mentally and physically.
Surround yourself with positive, happy people that you love.  A positive attitude is contagious!  Those who I am closest to agree with these beliefs and we help one another to keep a positive, happy outlook.
Have something to look forward to--whether it's a delicious new recipe I'm planning on making for dinner or a new bottle of wine to indulge in that evening, having something to look forward to makes me that much happier throughout the day!
What do you do to ensure high spirits and a positive day?

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  1. Beautiful photo!
    Good advice!