July 19, 2013


{a haphazard shot driving through Dayton last year}

We have another relaxing weekend planned.  Other than the awesome (surprise!) date I have planned for us tonight, we're just spending time with friends and enjoying the air conditioning (maybe we'll venture out for a bike ride on Saturday).  Have a great weekend!  Here are some fun links from around the web...

Manhattan inside of the Grand Canyon.

I love Channing Tatum.  Check out his early modeling days and this (more recent) hilarious video.

Netflix has put some awesome shows out lately.  Have you seen Orange is the New Black?  Kurt and I binge watched it last weekend and loved it.

A photo for every subway station in Manhattan.

I was just introduced to this vegan food blog (thanks, Hannah!) and I can't wait to try some recipes!

New York is a pretty unique place and this blog highlights the best of it's inhabitants. 

I would love to stay in this hotel suite (and I wouldn't mind being in Capri either).

I've been loving the gallery wall look lately.

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