July 12, 2013


{my beautiful backyard in just a few short weeks}
The past few weekends have been full of traveling and parties with family and friends so we're excited to have a restful weekend at home with very few plans.  We went to the comedy club again last night with an old friend and are planning on biking along the river and grabbing some food at the Silver Fern Cafe (finally!).  Have a wonderful weekend!  Here are some fun links from this week....

We're making this salad for dinner tonight!

I can't wait to see this Disney movie around Christmas time!

Which caffeinated owl are you in the mornings?

As soon as I'm ready (we're talking years here) I'm going to get an English Bulldog.  I can't even handle their cute wrinkles.  But how adorable are these pictures of their brothers the French Bulldogs?

Isn't this beautiful home dreamy?

I used some of these great tips for my yoga routine this morning.

I LOVE kale chips and I can't wait to try this recipe this weekend for a new twist on my favorite snack.

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  1. checked out all the great links
    can't wait to try some of the recipes
    and on dec. 20th I plan on being in a movie theater,saving mr banks looks really good!