November 30, 2013


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For the last two or so years my diet has mostly consisted of whole foods and has been plant based.  Recently, my family and I have been doing some research and have been experimenting with dietary changes and I am excited to share!

It is so important to listen to and know your body.  I have been feeling tired for some time now and have been feeling consistently sick - occasional and increasing dull stomach aches and feeling sluggish.  It's never been so severe to have me worried about a serious health issue or even to ruin a day and I suppose I thought it was normal to feel this way - I had grown used to it.  Finally, after doing a bit of research, I decided to do some experimenting - I could always go back to the way I was eating if it didn't help.  It's only been a few weeks but I already feel an increase in energy and no stomach aches or bloating.  I'm thrilled.

So, what did I start (and more importantly, stop) eating?  
After reading Salt, Sugar, Fat...
I completely removed any processed foods.  This means no tortilla chips, no crackers, no packaged cakes (even if they're labeled 'vegan'), no cookies etc etc etc. Well, this wasn't really a new change but it helped me to finally eliminate these things completely.  This book is important and I wish everyone would read it.
After reading Wheat Belly...
I reduced (practically cut out) wheat from my normal diet.  This means no more toast in the mornings, no more buns, no more croutons, no more pie, no more whole wheat pancakes for breakfast, no more beer.  After eating these things during open meals (ie. Thanksgiving), I can feel my body yelling at me.
After researching the Paleo diet (mostly in Practical Paleo)...
I reintroduced eggs (free range, organic).  Just one or two in the mornings and my energy has heightened.
I reintroduced seafood (wild or wild caught).
I reintroduced meat (very occasionally) from a local farm.  I drive to the farm to purchase the meat from the farmer himself.  It is all grass fed, sustainable, and farm raised (obviously).  I have never really enjoyed most meats (beef, bacon, chicken etc) but there are some (ie brats, I am from Wisconsin....) that I enjoy.
I still eat no dairy.

I really want to stress that I don't label how I eat.  I have never considered myself a pescetarian, vegetarian, vegan, or Paleo and I probably never will.  I have been experimenting with how I eat for the last five years and am planning on continuing to discover new ways of eating that will most benefit me.  I have found that it is important to eat natural, local if possible, 'organic' or pesticide free, non-gmo etc etc foods.  In other words, eat real food.  It is also important to listen to your body.  What is right for me may not be right for you.

And the best part and the reason I truly believe that this way of living works: open meals.  On Thanksgiving I ate all of the (probably gmo stuffed) turkey, (gluten filled) stuffing and pumpkin pie, (pesticide and buttery) corn and mashed potatoes that I wanted.  And on Christmas you bet I'll be stuffing my face with brie cheese (and probably a million other kinds of cheese - we are going back to Wisconsin for Christmas after all....)
^ leftover pumpkin pie ^

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