November 15, 2013


lots of exciting changes going on over here.  some dietary changes which have helped boost my energy along with a road bike purchase.  i've been traveling a lot (mostly to see this guy), applying to schools, and spending time in the mountains.  i am so captured and mystified by nature lately and i'm not sure how i'm going to handle not living next to the mountains if i move out east for graduate school.  but for now i'm captivated by the mountains whether its staring at them over my morning coffee or an afternoon spent hiking in them.  mountains, you are wonderful and i think i love you more than (dare i say?) the ocean.

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  1. I love mountains, too, though I love crashing waves even more. Thus, the CA coast sends me to ecstasy. Alas, I live in the flatlands, where even Lake Michigan is a day-trip. Other than never needing to use the parking brake, the silver lining is that even the hills of Wisconsin make me very, very happy.