August 7, 2013


As promised and in the spirit of my new home in Arizona, I made a cacti planter for my very first DIY.  I was inspired by this post on one of my all time favorite blogs, A Beautiful Mess.  It was so simple and fairly inexpensive.  I am so excited to have some beautiful cacti on display in my home rather than just outside of it.
I used a variety of cacti, an aloe plant, and a succulent.  Of course, you can get any plants you want to make your mini garden unique!  Then, put a layer of rocks on the bottom of the bowl followed by a layer of soil.  Plant the cacti and add a top layer of rocks for visual effect.  

I'm hoping that this is an easy mini garden to care for--typically you only need to water every 7-9 days or when the soil becomes dry.  So cute and simple!