July 9, 2014


last weekend brought the most frustrating travel disaster i've experienced.  i won't go into details because who likes listening to travel sob stories? (except those closest to me, who comforted me as i cried in the philly airport and then a cab and then the train station followed by a bus ... thanks ;) it tested my patience to the extreme (i'd say i did okay minus a few breakdowns over thirteen hours in).  although i didn't get to see k, it turned into an unexpected, whirlwind of an adventure.  it ended up being filled with old friends, a fabulous afternoon at the most amazing bookstore, lots of wine, and rooftop views.  oh, and a visit to my new neighborhood.  NYC, i love you already.
 ^^ a fitting wine for the weekend ^^

 ^^ this beautiful lady saved my weekend, twice ^^

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