May 12, 2014


I mentioned earlier that I'm leaving the mountains (that I have so fallen in love with) and am headed east.  I was first introduced to New York City when my brother Charlie picked up and moved to the Upper West Side of Manhattan in order to earn his postbac degree from Columbia University.  I was so proud of him for attending such an amazing school in such a beautiful place.  I was enamored by the city - yes, the twinkling lights and unique culture - but I was especially taken with the people - the constant energy provided by over a million and a half people living on such a tiny island.

While applying to masters programs, I thought it would be fun to apply to CU since I was so enchanted during my visits.  A few months later I was shocked and thrilled to be accepted into their social work program (you can't get in if you don't apply, right?).  So after much contemplation, I made the big decision to move across the country (twice in one year now, am I crazy?) and make that big city my home.  I am so honored and excited to be working with the population and social issues in New York City.  I know the city will knock me down in more ways than I can imagine but I trust it to provide the inspiration and motivation I need to be picked back up and drive myself to make a difference in this world of ours.


  1. That's so exciting! Congrats! Jon and I are moving across the country too... big adventures ahead. I look forward to reading about your NY adventures!
    xx- Lynn-Holly from

  2. so excited for your next adventure but you will be missed by oh so many here in the southwest:)

  3. she's coming east! can't wait