February 23, 2014


^^fresh farmers market flowers from last summer^^

I always knew Sundays had potential.  The smell of coffee floating from room to room, soon filling the entire house.  The scent of coffee meant fresh, doughy cinnamon rolls or an egg casserole filled with vegetables warm out of the oven were soon to follow.  My family scattered throughout the house, curled on every couch reading or napping.  In college, it meant all of the girls cuddled in front of the tv for a marathon complimented by Panera's fresh bagels (and my embarrassing Sunday favorite - caesar salad).  
But Sundays always came with a quiet burden.  Whether it was Sunday school robbing my youthful body of sleep or, later, struggling to read seemingly hundreds of pages in political science and sociology textbooks for Monday's classes - there was always a Sunday weight to be beared.
After graduating college, I slowly began to realize that Sunday burdens were to cease.  A weight lifted on that second day of the weekend, my favorite day of the week.  Instead, sleeping in, creating a masterpiece brunch, baking bread, visiting the farmers market for fresh fruits and flowers, reading all day....the comforting, delightful options are endless.  Sunday, I love you.

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