May 30, 2013


^^Megan and I looking toward California mountains^^

This weekend is going to be a memorable one!  I head to the east coast this afternoon to visit with two of my closest friends from Semester at Sea (spring 2011!).  I have traveled around the world with Alex and Megan and have (barely) been able to see them in the last two years.
The three of us have bonded over exploring the eccentric colors of Brazil, getting dirty building houses in Ghana, and wine tasting in the mountains of Capetown followed by days on the mesmerizing seas of the Indian Ocean.  We have relaxed beneath the Taj Mahal, sweated on the dirty yet beautiful streets of India, and have gotten lost on the winding streets of China.  I am so excited to spend the weekend with these two!

^^Alex and I in Brazil^^

^^Megan and I in Ghana^^
^^wine tasting in South Africa^^

^^exploring India^^

^^enjoying China^^

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